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TRACE* is a fully customizable situational awareness and video monitoring solution that will help stop crime and report incidents before they occur. This proactive, live service extends to a full complement of remote managed services that integrates with your other business-critical systems. The TRACE solution allows you to simplify your security operations, reduce costs, and harness the power of your access control and video surveillance equipment.


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Achieve unparalleled facility management with a connected service to one location or across your entire property portfolio. TRACE is a fraction of the cost when compared to in-house monitoring and security. Request a demo today!




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The TRACE service from ivelah is designed to mitigate risk by addressing an undesirable situation before it escalates. Effective safety and security monitoring is a better investment than paying for liability or loss as a result of reacting post-event. Click below to learn more about each of these services.


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  • What is TRACE and situational awareness? Live and remote safety and security monitoring that takes a proactive approach to the security and oversight of an environment. Leveraging technology to allow it to be monitored from one central location. 


  • Why it's important? Security equipment installed today is mostly used for post forensic and pre-recorded purposes. TRACE utilizes the full functionality of security systems to generate events and notifications when certain conditions occur. The cognitive thinking of a human along with AI and advanced analytics will create a very powerful answer. Avoiding the more costly methods and additional resources needed.


  • How TRACE differs from standard alarm-only monitoring? Event-based alarm monitoring providers only act when an event has already occurred. Forensic data and video footage are often difficult to extrapolate and those operators do not possess the skill sets for effective incident report building. Our specialists are trained to fully engage with the system and leverage the technology and all tailored configurations. We are proactively viewing the status and condition of your location. The trained and capable human response works in complete harmony with elevated technology platforms. This guarantees the reports you receive are current, relevant, and important.


  • How do costs compare to other methods? Traditional guarding companies or in-house resources can prove to be expensive. Improving security also becomes a cumbersome and complicated strategy as your company grows. TRACE will allow you to re-purpose your current resources or reduce this expense dramatically. Management of security is less time-consuming when TRACE is providing the essential day-to-day security provisioning for you. ivelah can demonstrate savings of more than 75% for a trusted virtual solution.


  • How is TRACE more than Security? With our integrations, applications, and technology choices, we have the scope and ability to introduce more functionality than simply managing your security. A suite of additional services will greatly enhance situational awareness and provide an extra dimension of convenience and further cost savings. Intercom connectivity, reception function, visitor management, onboarding, receiving shipments, and employee access can all be encapsulated into TRACE. Our Virtual Engineer Service can be interfaced with your operational and smart systems. Where your smart system notifications can be tagged with associated events from the video surveillance and access control.



Additional resources are provided in the links below.  The "Strategic Solutions" link will help you make better-informed decisions with regard to your security designs and technologies. The "Security Standards" link will help ensure that your security standards are up-to-date, and finally, the "Beneficial Integrations" link will help ensure you are fully utilizing all of the beneficial integrations available to you. 


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