We believe you should be in a position to make the best choices for security system technologies. We uphold these principles with continued dialogue and consultation, as well as providing essential information and insight for effective security system provisioning.

With comprehensive designs, scopes, and proposals, complemented by effective implementation strategies, customers can look forward to innovative “future-proof” solutions.

ivelah is committed to maintaining high standards for integrated security systems and using products that excel in all areas. By utilizing platforms specifically designed to provide situational awareness, we can help our clients be better prepared for constant change and increased flexibility.


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ivelah prioritizes the safety of people, providing security systems that always consider people’s lives and welfare. We include comprehensive safeguarding for assets and intellectual property.

We welcome the opportunity to learn all we can about your organization and day-to-day operations. By understanding how your business works, we ensure that you are presented with a TRUE VALUE PROPOSITION - a solution that considers your particular requirements in the uniqueness of your potential risks and threats. We help you select a security technology application that works for you, in keeping with budget and security policies.


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ivelah remains committed to our promise that your installation and support is carried out to the highest standards.

Qualified and trained technicians will undertake your system implementation diligently and with the utmost care, supported by an attentive and experienced Project Management Team.

Customers can expect a level of professionalism that continues far beyond systems “going live."


Our one expectation is to exceed all of yours.