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leadership: (n) the action of leading a group of people or an organization.


Our team is here to rally around your needs and challenges. ivelah is organized to best support you, and each team leader is positioned to ensure you receive optimum performance. From project conception to completion and support we create solutions for longevity, and behavior you can trust. 



Andy McQueen


Andy McQueen is a Security System Professional who drives and endorses a deployment and support-based offering through excellence, using more than 30 years of industry knowledge.

Highly effective, with measurable success in all areas of leading a Security System Integrator business. Andy's previous C-Suite positions in Operations and Service are complemented by a proven track record in developing positive initiatives for improving the customer experience.

By establishing tenure, with an accolade of recognizable projects and security strategies, he continues to help ivelah customers be better positioned to make effective choices for their security system provisioning.

“Positive and measurable experiences will encourage credibility – resulting in complete customer satisfaction.
- Andy McQueen


Tracy Castle


Tracy Castle continues to pursue his obsession for developing an implementation program that upholds effective technology alignment with a customer’s business and security challenges.

With more than 20 years of experience, he has established himself as a sincere advocator of True Value Propositions. He has a formidable repertoire of leadership and practical skills for the design and deployment of high-end Security System Applications.

He has cast new standards and is an industry beacon for the augmentation of customer relationships into partner relationships. His primary responsibility at ivelah is to advance and maintain field operations and practices that forge strong trust foundations with our end users.

“A solid commitment to excellence is the mindset needed to do whatever it takes to get it done right the first time.”
-Tracy Castle


Mark Thill

Sr. Project Strategist

Mark Thill is a 20-year security veteran who has built his reputation on delivering services and products with a high caliber of quality and consistency. Because he gained experience through mentorship and studies, his has been a path of continuous growth and learning. 

With a background in computer networking, database programming language, and server configuration, he is able to better support enterprise environments than most in his position. He is eager to put that knowledge to work for ivelah's clients.

Since joining us in 2019, Mark has doubled down on his commitment to being a dedicated customer advocate.

Do the right thing for the protection of people with the right solutions every time.
-Mark Thill



Lyndee Villegas

Sr. Engagement Strategist

Lyndee Villegas has spent the last 20 years advocating for her clients needs and best interests. Spanning different business sectors, Lyndee is happy to continue the "charge for change" in the security industry that has been a passion project for Andy and Tracy.


"People are my passion! I love connecting with them, understanding them, and ultimately helping them get where they want to be." ivelah's commitment to their clients is one that resonated with me, so I pursued Andy until he gave me a chance. It's that tenacity that I will bring on behalf of every one of our clients and prospects because that is what has eluded them for so long in this industry. No more cookie-cutter solutions here. Everything we do is customized to meet the needs of the client, their goals, and the obstacles each of their facilities face.

“Growth, whether personal or professional, isn't a goal, its a journey."
- Lyndee Villegas


Josh Lemman

Sr. Financial Strategist

Josh Lemman is a financial expert that is committed to helping ivelah create longevity by meeting the needs of our customers in a lean and financially astute way. 

With more than 15 years of experience, Josh is excellently positioned to deal with all ivelah’s financial obligations. He is more than just dollars and cents.  Since joining the team, his continued financial diligence has ensured we have been able to secure best pricing from our suppliers.


Josh has also been instrumental in developing strategies that pass on all our supplier savings directly to our customers, always remaining competitive while upholding a true value proposition. His continued commitment to lasting business relationships have allowed ivelah to achieve consistent goal-surpassing fiscal performance year after year.

In all aspects of our lives, balance is key; it’s a sense of being whole and complete. Balance is essential to maintaining quality in our work and in our life. It allows us to make work a richly rewarding part of our life."
- Josh Lemman


In today's world why and how we do things is just as important as what we do. At ivelah we firmly believe that. These 4 beliefs sum up the commitment each team member makes to ourselves, our team, our customers, and our communities when we join ivelah. Our goal is to inspire those around us to be our very best, because that is what our customers deserve.

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